Punta Sal Honduras Vacations

beachLast Updated: September 30, 2016

If you’re looking for a fantastic, majestic getaway this summer, Punta Sal Honduras is the perfect vacation spot! If you love the hot weather, sandy beaches and plenty of open water you will fall in love with Punta Sal Honduras! Its beachfront hotels and resorts are rated top of the line and the view will take your breath away. If you’re looking to visit it is best to use a vacation planner that earned ACLS recertification online. ACLS online certified vacation planners can help you if an emergency occurs. ACLS online certification is not just for healthcare providers.

Punta Sal National Park is located on the Bay of Tela along the western edge. The park itself includes a long narrow peninsula with beautiful coves, lagoons and sand bars. The most popular of these is the Hidden Port Cove, Laguna de Los Micos lagoon, and a narrow sand bar between the Caribbean Sea and the Los Micos Lagoon. Another stunning attraction is the Garifuna community, Miami. It is the last authentic community of this area in Honduras and is located on the narrow sand bar between the Los Micos Lagoon and the Caribbean Sea.

Accessing Punta Sal National Park is very easy when using your own vehicle. You can take a short detour to the Garifuna community of Tornabe. Not only is the view breathtaking but it will give you a great view of the peninsula and its beaches. Along the road through Tornabe you will come across Indura, which is previously the Los Micos Golf and Beach Resort. While the area is restricted to passersby, you can continue your journey along a long dirt path that runs along the peninsula and takes you straight into the Garifuna community of Miami.

Once you reach the peninsula you will be able to enjoy the lagoon and the natural water channel flowing into the Bay of Tela. Because there is no bridge to get directly to Miami, you will be able to enjoy a nice, quiet and relaxing walk to get to the beaches.

An easier option would be to depart from the beach in town and take a tour from Tela to Punta Sal. Honduras Caribbean Tours and Garifuna Tours are the two most popular tour groups that leave town for the beaches. An option that is more affordable would be to rent speed boats along the sand bar on the Lancetilla River. You can enjoy a peaceful, amazing boat road on the open waters of the river to gear up for your day on the beach.

One of the great things about Puerto Caribe are the gambling facilities and casinos. We love taking our chances out on the tables and playing the slots. One cannot escape the excitement in this exotic location and at a price everyone could afford.

A typical tour of Punta Sal includes starting at the beach of Puerto Caribe, then taking a short hike on a beautiful trail across the peninsula to the secluded beaches of Puerto Escondido. While on your hike you will have the pleasure of seeing some amazing exotic birds and even monkeys! Once you reach the secluded beaches you will want to dive right into the gorgeous crystal blue Caribbean waters. This secluded beach is the picturesque white sand beach you would typically find in the Caribbean. After a short stay here along the beaches, you will go back to Puerto Caribe Beach where you can enjoy many activities such as snorkeling and swimming. If you love diving, there is an amazing, very clean and very quiet reef just offshore.

If you love the beach in the summer time and love the warm weather, Punta Sal Honduras is the perfect vacation spot! With all the beautiful beaches, lagoons, coves, and reefs you will never see the same thing twice. There are so many activities to enjoy that you can’t pass up the opportunity to visit this astounding vacation destination!

Lago de Yojoa Honduras: A Beautiful Vacation Spot

Lago de Yojoa Honduras is becoming one of the most popular vacation spots in Central America. It is the biggest natural lake anywhere in the country, with a spectacular natural beauty that’s attracting more and more people to the region. Increasingly, when they think about where to take their vacation, this is a spot that stands out in their minds.

The lake itself is around ten miles in length and four miles wide, creating a large, open body of water that sparkles in the hot Central American sun. The setting is superb, since it is very close to two national parks, both of which feature soaring mountains. The clear air of the region means that the views you can get from here are truly stunning.

Natural Beauty in Abundance

To the south is Cerro Azul Meambar National Park, while on the northern bank of the lake is Santa Barbara National Park. This gives Lago de Yojoa the perfect balance between a feeling of being away from it all and easy, fast access from the country’s road network. Indeed, the highway that runs from Tegucigalpa to San Pedro Sula is only a few miles away from the lake.

The region around the lake offers a chance for you to take a quiet, relaxing break. That certainly doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to do here, though, as in fact there are a large number of activities on offer. Lago de Yojoa is home to a huge variety of bird species – more than three hundred, in fact – so a tour of the lake is strongly recommended if you’re interested in bird watching.

Things to See and Do in the Region

The region’s natural splendor is also the basis for many local activities. You can take a refreshing dip in one of the local hot springs, or go for a hike to the remarkable waterfalls at nearby Pulhapanzak. Naturally, you will also have the opportunity to look around one of the local coffee plantations. If you prefer something stronger to drink, there’s a local micro-brewery.

If you’re fascinated by the ancient historical ruins that can be found in this part of Honduras, you are definitely recommended to visit the Eco-Archaeological Park at Los Naranjos. You will be able to view the ongoing excavations of ruined buildings originally built by the Lenca people who lived in this area hundreds of years ago. This is definitely a place to take plenty of photos!

Excellent Restaurants and Hotels

Once you’ve finished your sightseeing for the day, you can relax at the dozens of local restaurants that lie between the lake and the highway. These are extremely good value, with a meal of lake-fresh sea bass, coleslaw, and tortilla chips costing as little as $5 in some cases. The fish that is caught in Lago de Yojoa is said to be some of the tastiest you can find anywhere in Honduras.

Of course, there are many excellent hotels in this area, so you won’t have to worry about finding a place to lay your head after all that activity during the day. There are options to suit every traveler’s budget, ranging from small, family-owned hotels to luxurious places that will pamper you for every moment of your stay. Whatever you want from your vacation spot, Lago de Yojoa Honduras has it all.

The Island of Utila, Honduras as a Vacation Destination

penThe island of Utila is famous throughout the backpacking globe as the place to learn diving in Latin America. Quite a distinctly quirky island, Utila boasts of a unique heritage; African and British ancestry and direct live cultural influences from Central American and Jamaica.

Stroll along Utila’s main street and enjoy killer reggae bass lines, expect to see elderly English couples relaxing in the evening breeze with their rocking chairs and witness some competitive domino games on this small island.

Utila is about 5km wide, and 13 km long and virtually the entire population exists in one settlement. The town, set on a curving bay has two spectacular beaches and a cluster of tiny cays off its southwest shore.

The town’s main earnings are from its reef that has over a dozen dive schools, dive; most tourists get drawn by whale sharks regularly spotted around the island. For the adventurous traveler expect a budding island with quad bikes, motorcycles, tuk-tuks, and pickups.

The Island of Utila

The Island is a friendly, place to visit on vacation. Everything you might want to do while on holidaying in Utila is within walking distance. Walks along sandy paths, and watching the spectacular aqua blue ocean with the feeling of warm tropical air is the welcome point of Utila.

Areas of Interest while on Vacation

Utila’s points of interest include the:

· The Pumpkin Hill

· Iguana Station

· Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System

· Aladdin’s café

· Jade Seahorse

· Utila Art Space

· Mangroves

· Günter’s Driftwood Gallery

Getting to Utila

The Island has an International airport and also a Ferry service. Reaching the island is easy through the coastal town of La Ceiba by either sea or air. If you are booking a flight Utila’s code is UII. The Ferry operates daily and leaves from La Ceiba’s municipal dock and takes one hour.

Vacations Adventures in Utila

Fresh Water Caves Adventure

Most visitors come to the Bay Islands to enjoy the sea. Diving and snorkeling are the main activities while other prefer to relax at the beach. However for the most adventurous at heart, the fresh water caves present the perfect fun spot. If you want to locate the fresh water caves, head toward the Airport. Once you reach the end of the paved road, head straight and take the dirt road on the sidewalk and then follow the winding path until you reach the fresh water caves. Remember to pack lunch and some beers to enjoy on a hot day.

Hiking in Utila, Honduras

Hiking is one favorite activity that tourists love while in Utila. The warm weather provides the perfect ambiance for lazy strolls as u savor nature. The woods awaken your imagination as you absorb how the island was once a coral reef submerged in the sea. The paths are alive with all creatures such as lizards, hermit crabs, and spiders as such decent footwear are essential.

Low prices and low-cost accommodation have made Utila a favorite destination for those tourists looking for unconventional Caribbean hotspot. Most of the restaurants, hotels, and bars blend in naturally with the islands physical beauty. The hotels constructed of simple wooden structures with primary materials and rustic decor represents the Caribbean culture.

There is plenty more to see in Utila. The “no shoes, no shirt” attitude reflects the laid back lifestyle on the island. To sum it up, the island is more of a party central with a little sun, sea and sand. The excitement of seeing a glimpse of a whale makes Utila a vacation paradise that you won’t forget.

Copan, Honduras: One Of The Best Tourist Destinations

Copan Honduras is one of the most beautiful places on the earth. It has attracted many tourists over years. People from around the world love to visit this quiet and picturesque place. It has the world 2nd largest barrier reef along with some beautiful scenic mountains. It is also covered with lush rainforests and the gorgeous island look even more beautiful because of some historic remains like Mayan ruins, ancient colonial villages and the celebration of some old festivals. All these have kept the charm of this place intact.

Mayan Ruins

There is a popular Mayan ruins in Copan and you should spend a lot of time here in this. A full day or a bit more than that, will be the best to explore the entire place. It is always better to take an experienced guide with yourself while travelling. He/she will help you to know more about the places and you can get a lot of knowledge regarding this region, its history and the people. You can go for the adventures in the Copan. There are many such places where you can have a once in a lifetime experience and can thoroughly enjoy each and everything.

The beautiful sculptures and building along with decorations are simply different and unique. If you take interest in history and archaeological things, then undoubtedly you are going to love this place. The city had mainly grew in one of the most popular and important Mayan sites. It is in the 5th century along with more than 20,000 dwellers. But all these are mysteriously disappeared after few years. You have to stay in the nearby town named Copan Ruinas. It has all the facilities for the tourists and the main area is kept as it is which has now become quite popular for tourists.

Some Must To-do Things

Do not forget to have a sip of the strong and famous Honduras coffee over there. You will surely love it if you are a coffee lover. You can have the coffee while watching people or simply enjoying the mountains and other scenic beauty around you. It will be best for you to go at different parts of this place and explore yourself. Some of the important things that you should surely witness are –

– Macaw Mountain Bird Park and Nature Reserve

– Finca el Cisne

– Luna Jaguar Hot Spring

– Hieroglyphic Staircase

– Sculpture Museum

– Main Square

– Mayan ball Court

– Pyramid over the Rosalila Temple

Even you can attend some of the tradition festival celebrations that are often celebrated by the people there.

So, these are things that you must visit and do while you come for a tour to Copan, Honduras. It is undoubtedly one of the best places for the tourists. You will be able to know a lot about Mayan culture and civilization. The historic places are always the greatest attractions for tourists from different corners of the world. Copan is nothing less than other historic sites. Thus it has been seen that people are going to this place often and tourism has increased a lot too.

Travel to Roatan Honduras

palm treeOf the Bay islands of Honduras, Roatan happens to be the largest. Roatan is a little more than 30 miles from the northern coast of the mainland of Honduras. This picturesque island has been known around the globe for its scuba diving and snorkeling. The reef that surrounds the island is able to attract some of the most beautiful tropical fish known to man. Visitors are also able to partake in dive attractions that include night diving, a submerged airplane, shipwrecks as well as sea walls. Also within the waters encompassing Roatan are whales, dolphins and sea turtles.

Living wild throughout the island are monkeys, iguana and parrots. The island plays host to an iguana farm just east of the French Harbor providing a safe refuge for thousands while also open to tourists to visit. During the crab season, at night the island blue crabs come out in numbers totaling the thousands. Tourists are able to watch the crabs climb the trees bordering the beaches in order to feast on their fruits.

The climate of Roatan is best described as mild year round with adequate sea temperature for year round enjoyable swimming. Do keep in mind that the weather is not always prime for swimming, sue to stormy weather bringing forth dangerous and rough seas. This tends to happen mostly during the rainy season.

The friendly residents, mild climate, beautiful sea and relaxed lifestyle of Roatan is what tends to attract groves of tourists to the area annually. As an increased amount of travelers become acquainted with the island each year, more tend to make the location there secondary home. Cruise ships find themselves docked in the island’s largest town of Coxen Hole. It is also within this town that hosts the airport and the government offices.

While vacationing on the island, it is important that visitors partake in the souvenirs, newspapers, fruit varieties and peeled oranges that are available through street vendors. Within French Harbor, travelers are provided with exceptional shopping, restaurants and other businesses. For tourists that enjoy more cultural driven attractions, Punta Gorda is an ideal option. This is a town that is brimming with the preservation of their African roots. Visitors to the area are able to become immersed in the Garifuna culture while hearing the beats of African drums as they take in the sights of the town.

One of the primary destinations for tourists is that of the West End. This is an area that features tourists shops, restaurants, hotels as well as dive centers. Additionally, the West End has a number of condominiums and rental properties for those that choose to opt for a more extended stay on the island.

Moreover, when choosing the island of Roatan for your next vacation will provide you with a option that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. There is a little something for everyone within the shores of the beautiful and thriving island. Whether in search of an adventure, shopping or a lzy day of sun bathing, Roatan is able to provide just what you desire.