Travel to Roatan Honduras

palm treeOf the Bay islands of Honduras, Roatan happens to be the largest. Roatan is a little more than 30 miles from the northern coast of the mainland of Honduras. This picturesque island has been known around the globe for its scuba diving and snorkeling. The reef that surrounds the island is able to attract some of the most beautiful tropical fish known to man. Visitors are also able to partake in dive attractions that include night diving, a submerged airplane, shipwrecks as well as sea walls. Also within the waters encompassing Roatan are whales, dolphins and sea turtles.

Living wild throughout the island are monkeys, iguana and parrots. The island plays host to an iguana farm just east of the French Harbor providing a safe refuge for thousands while also open to tourists to visit. During the crab season, at night the island blue crabs come out in numbers totaling the thousands. Tourists are able to watch the crabs climb the trees bordering the beaches in order to feast on their fruits.

The climate of Roatan is best described as mild year round with adequate sea temperature for year round enjoyable swimming. Do keep in mind that the weather is not always prime for swimming, sue to stormy weather bringing forth dangerous and rough seas. This tends to happen mostly during the rainy season.

The friendly residents, mild climate, beautiful sea and relaxed lifestyle of Roatan is what tends to attract groves of tourists to the area annually. As an increased amount of travelers become acquainted with the island each year, more tend to make the location there secondary home. Cruise ships find themselves docked in the island’s largest town of Coxen Hole. It is also within this town that hosts the airport and the government offices.

While vacationing on the island, it is important that visitors partake in the souvenirs, newspapers, fruit varieties and peeled oranges that are available through street vendors. Within French Harbor, travelers are provided with exceptional shopping, restaurants and other businesses. For tourists that enjoy more cultural driven attractions, Punta Gorda is an ideal option. This is a town that is brimming with the preservation of their African roots. Visitors to the area are able to become immersed in the Garifuna culture while hearing the beats of African drums as they take in the sights of the town.

One of the primary destinations for tourists is that of the West End. This is an area that features tourists shops, restaurants, hotels as well as dive centers. Additionally, the West End has a number of condominiums and rental properties for those that choose to opt for a more extended stay on the island.

Moreover, when choosing the island of Roatan for your next vacation will provide you with a option that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. There is a little something for everyone within the shores of the beautiful and thriving island. Whether in search of an adventure, shopping or a lzy day of sun bathing, Roatan is able to provide just what you desire.