The Island of Utila, Honduras as a Vacation Destination

penThe island of Utila is famous throughout the backpacking globe as the place to learn diving in Latin America. Quite a distinctly quirky island, Utila boasts of a unique heritage; African and British ancestry and direct live cultural influences from Central American and Jamaica.

Stroll along Utila’s main street and enjoy killer reggae bass lines, expect to see elderly English couples relaxing in the evening breeze with their rocking chairs and witness some competitive domino games on this small island.

Utila is about 5km wide, and 13 km long and virtually the entire population exists in one settlement. The town, set on a curving bay has two spectacular beaches and a cluster of tiny cays off its southwest shore.

The town’s main earnings are from its reef that has over a dozen dive schools, dive; most tourists get drawn by whale sharks regularly spotted around the island. For the adventurous traveler expect a budding island with quad bikes, motorcycles, tuk-tuks, and pickups.

The Island of Utila

The Island is a friendly, place to visit on vacation. Everything you might want to do while on holidaying in Utila is within walking distance. Walks along sandy paths, and watching the spectacular aqua blue ocean with the feeling of warm tropical air is the welcome point of Utila.

Areas of Interest while on Vacation

Utila’s points of interest include the:

· The Pumpkin Hill

· Iguana Station

· Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System

· Aladdin’s café

· Jade Seahorse

· Utila Art Space

· Mangroves

· Günter’s Driftwood Gallery

Getting to Utila

The Island has an International airport and also a Ferry service. Reaching the island is easy through the coastal town of La Ceiba by either sea or air. If you are booking a flight Utila’s code is UII. The Ferry operates daily and leaves from La Ceiba’s municipal dock and takes one hour.

Vacations Adventures in Utila

Fresh Water Caves Adventure

Most visitors come to the Bay Islands to enjoy the sea. Diving and snorkeling are the main activities while other prefer to relax at the beach. However for the most adventurous at heart, the fresh water caves present the perfect fun spot. If you want to locate the fresh water caves, head toward the Airport. Once you reach the end of the paved road, head straight and take the dirt road on the sidewalk and then follow the winding path until you reach the fresh water caves. Remember to pack lunch and some beers to enjoy on a hot day.

Hiking in Utila, Honduras

Hiking is one favorite activity that tourists love while in Utila. The warm weather provides the perfect ambiance for lazy strolls as u savor nature. The woods awaken your imagination as you absorb how the island was once a coral reef submerged in the sea. The paths are alive with all creatures such as lizards, hermit crabs, and spiders as such decent footwear are essential.

Low prices and low-cost accommodation have made Utila a favorite destination for those tourists looking for unconventional Caribbean hotspot. Most of the restaurants, hotels, and bars blend in naturally with the islands physical beauty. The hotels constructed of simple wooden structures with primary materials and rustic decor represents the Caribbean culture.

There is plenty more to see in Utila. The “no shoes, no shirt” attitude reflects the laid back lifestyle on the island. To sum it up, the island is more of a party central with a little sun, sea and sand. The excitement of seeing a glimpse of a whale makes Utila a vacation paradise that you won’t forget.