Punta Sal Honduras Vacations

beachLast Updated: September 30, 2016

If you’re looking for a fantastic, majestic getaway this summer, Punta Sal Honduras is the perfect vacation spot! If you love the hot weather, sandy beaches and plenty of open water you will fall in love with Punta Sal Honduras! Its beachfront hotels and resorts are rated top of the line and the view will take your breath away. If you’re looking to visit it is best to use a vacation planner that earned ACLS recertification online. ACLS online certified vacation planners can help you if an emergency occurs. ACLS online certification is not just for healthcare providers.

Punta Sal National Park is located on the Bay of Tela along the western edge. The park itself includes a long narrow peninsula with beautiful coves, lagoons and sand bars. The most popular of these is the Hidden Port Cove, Laguna de Los Micos lagoon, and a narrow sand bar between the Caribbean Sea and the Los Micos Lagoon. Another stunning attraction is the Garifuna community, Miami. It is the last authentic community of this area in Honduras and is located on the narrow sand bar between the Los Micos Lagoon and the Caribbean Sea.

Accessing Punta Sal National Park is very easy when using your own vehicle. You can take a short detour to the Garifuna community of Tornabe. Not only is the view breathtaking but it will give you a great view of the peninsula and its beaches. Along the road through Tornabe you will come across Indura, which is previously the Los Micos Golf and Beach Resort. While the area is restricted to passersby, you can continue your journey along a long dirt path that runs along the peninsula and takes you straight into the Garifuna community of Miami.

Once you reach the peninsula you will be able to enjoy the lagoon and the natural water channel flowing into the Bay of Tela. Because there is no bridge to get directly to Miami, you will be able to enjoy a nice, quiet and relaxing walk to get to the beaches.

An easier option would be to depart from the beach in town and take a tour from Tela to Punta Sal. Honduras Caribbean Tours and Garifuna Tours are the two most popular tour groups that leave town for the beaches. An option that is more affordable would be to rent speed boats along the sand bar on the Lancetilla River. You can enjoy a peaceful, amazing boat road on the open waters of the river to gear up for your day on the beach.

One of the great things about Puerto Caribe are the gambling facilities and casinos. We love taking our chances out on the tables and playing the slots. One cannot escape the excitement in this exotic location and at a price everyone could afford.

A typical tour of Punta Sal includes starting at the beach of Puerto Caribe, then taking a short hike on a beautiful trail across the peninsula to the secluded beaches of Puerto Escondido. While on your hike you will have the pleasure of seeing some amazing exotic birds and even monkeys! Once you reach the secluded beaches you will want to dive right into the gorgeous crystal blue Caribbean waters. This secluded beach is the picturesque white sand beach you would typically find in the Caribbean. After a short stay here along the beaches, you will go back to Puerto Caribe Beach where you can enjoy many activities such as snorkeling and swimming. If you love diving, there is an amazing, very clean and very quiet reef just offshore.

If you love the beach in the summer time and love the warm weather, Punta Sal Honduras is the perfect vacation spot! With all the beautiful beaches, lagoons, coves, and reefs you will never see the same thing twice. There are so many activities to enjoy that you can’t pass up the opportunity to visit this astounding vacation destination!